Jan. 6th, 2017

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The spy with no name.

In 1977, Johanna van Haarlem finally tracked down the son, Erwin, she had abandoned as a baby 33 years earlier. She immediately travelled to London to meet him. What followed, writes Jeff Maysh, is an unbelievable story of deception and heartbreak.

This is an article from the BBC website. It's about a man living in Britain who was supposedly Dutch, but he was actually a Soviet Union spy who'd been given Erwin's identity.

It's fascinating to read, and it must have been rather bizarre for the fake Erwin to have the real Erwin's mother contact him.

There's no mention of the real Erwin though. What happened to him? I wonder if the Soviet Authorities had a good reason to know the real Erwin wasn't going to turn up and expose their agent as a fake. :o(

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