Mar. 11th, 2017

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1) What was your first word?
"No!" Apparently my mum was trying to feed me my veggies and I objected. Loudly.

2) How old were you?
Not a clue. At a guess, I'd say the usual age for a first word as no one ever mentioned waiting around for me to talk or worrying that I wouldn't.

3) Who heard you say it?
My mum and her parents and her siblings. Elaine (my aunt) has pointed out the irony of my now being a vegetarian.

4) Did you have trouble pronouncing any words as a kid?
Words with an 'r' in the middle, including my own name (Sarah). As an anxiety-ridden teen, the thought of slipping up and introducing myself as 'Sawah' was mortifying to me.

5) Are there any words you consistently mispronounce today?
If I'm tired, I still struggle with the 'r'.
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In case you don't know it, the I Surrender meme is a creative writing challenge. You are given a premise and have to create a TV series around that idea.

[ profile] lost_spook gave me:

A detective (Victorian, Golden Age or modern, as you please) is hired by a very strange client - which leads the detective into becoming the no. 1 consulting detective for all supernatural and mystical beings in the country. There seem to be a lot of them...

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