Apr. 9th, 2017

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Yesterday, on [livejournal.com profile] spikesgirl58's LJ, I posted about an advert I liked from decades ago. This one:

Which led me down the rabbit hole of 1980's adverts. Another of my favourites was the Kit-Kat pandas:

And then there was the Carling Black Label ad that was based on the Levi Jeans ad:

So what ads did you like?
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Weird. I can't find the latest Friday Five post. Anyway:

1. Did/Do you own a typewriter?
I did. I had a plastic one when I was a kid, then a Brother portable from in my teens. It was pretty good - it could type in *two* colours. Then I had an electronic one, then a Word Processor.

2. If you own one, what was the last thing you typed on it?
I don't have anything but a pc now. The last thing I remember typing on my Word Processor was a Star Trek spoof.

3. Have you ever used *gasp* carbon paper for multiple copies?
Not outside of typing class.

4. Ever use any of these?

 photo Typewriter correctors.jpeg
No, but I have used Tippex. My electronic typewriter had a corrector ribbon.

5. Did you take typing (not to be confused with keyboarding) in school?
Yep. Those typewriters weighed a ton!

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