Apr. 12th, 2017

arnie1967: (History - I heart)
I've been trying to watch this. I've read a bit about Victoria and especially her childhood, so I wanted to watch and enjoy this.

I'm rather disappointed. Why on earth have they included a subplot about an ex-prostitute lady's maid? So far, it seems to be a mix between a historical drama and total fiction.

It also seems to be shot in half-light a lot of the time. When they were putting in gaslighting, I was hoping that would brighten it up a bit, but they changed their minds.

I'd love to read more about Victoria's mother though. She was horrendous. She and Sir John Conroy (who ran her household) attempted to break Victoria's will so she'd have to depend on them. When that failed, they spread rumours that she was easily overwrought and feeble-witted.

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