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Main fandoms.

All Sherlock stories are pg or teen-rated.

A Study in Pink:
Cab Driver 71126.
Summary: Jeff thought It'd be a shame if he dropped dead partway through the drive, though given the heavy traffic today, his passengers would probably survive a crash. Maybe. It'd put a dampener on their excitement though.
Pre-ep missing scene. How the cabby met Moriarty. Word length: 1,342 words.

Nothing Ever Happens.
Summary: What might have happened if Jeff (the cabby) had chosen John for his fourth victim.
AU. Word length: 2,809 words.

Blind Banker:
Blind Justice.
Summary: What happened with John's ASBO?
Word length: 1,085 words.

Idle Gossip.
Summary: Sebastian Wilkes goes to dinner with some old friends.
Word length: 1,143 words.

The Great Game:
Loose Ends.
Summary: Bad enough that he'd been kidnapped by Moriarty, even worse that he'd been forced into a semtex parka in order to play head games with Sherlock, but to add insult to injury, Moriarty had stolen his jacket.
Word length: 2,229 words.

Staying Alive.
Summary: John and Sherlock after the swimming pool.
Word length: 1,356 words.

A Scandal in Belgravia:
I Didn't Catch the Name.
Summary: Neilson (the American operative) is in hospital, recuperating, when a certain bureaucrat visits him.
Word length: 793 words.

The Hounds of Baskerville:
Driving John Insane.
Summary: Why does Sherlock have a driving licence? And whose is it?
Word length: 1,127 words.

Reichenbach Fall:
Not Today.
Summary: John, some time after Reichenbach Fall.
Word length: 912 words.

Summary: Lestrade puts his team straight.
Word length: 793 words.

Summary: After Reichenbach Fall, Mycroft begins to put the world to rights.
Word length: 2,139 words.

The Empty Hearse:
Summary: Mycroft didn't think it was too much to ask for that they took tea with their parents. Sherlock disagreed.
Humour. Word length: 577 words.

His Last Vow:
Summary: Charles's thoughts and POV on the patio.
Warning: Includes mention of non con and spoilers for the episode "His Last Vow".
Word length: 367 words.

Day Job.
Summary: What exactly does Mycroft do?
Contains off-screen references to het, nothing graphic. Slight crossover.
Humour. Word length: 829 words.

Deal or no Deal.
For the prompt: "John makes a bargain with a demon or the devil. In exchange for his own soul Sherlock will be resurrected from the grave."

Of course, my first thought was that Sherlock's not what would the demon do when he couldn't produce him?
AU, set after series 2, before series 3. Word length: 5,761 words.

Honest Man.
Summary: Lestrade discovers how far Mycroft will go to keep Sherlock safe.
Word length: 1,701 words.

If You Want to Know the Time...
Summary: "Health and Safety rules; it's too dangerous." Greg had never been more aware of the ridiculousness of that statement. Here he was, a grown man, a copper, charged with protecting the general public from the criminal element, and he wasn't allowed to get up on a chair and change the time on his office clock.
Contains swearing.
Humour. Word length: 1,507 words.

Summary: When he arrived, it was already too late. John Watson's body was still, his heart - what was left of it - silent.
Warning: brief (and temporary) character death
AU. Word length: 995 words.

The Lesser Perils of Paperwork.
Summary: Greg folded his arms and leaned against the splintered doorframe, regarding the remains of Mr. Stoner stoically. He looked like he'd been a mousy little man, which fitted in with the woman Greg had mentally labelled 'a right battleaxe' downstairs. Greg couldn't imagine her choosing a man who'd stand up to her, or that anyone would voluntarily put up with that strident voice - not if they had a spine, anyway.
Contains swearing.
A sort of case fic, humour. Word length: 1,289 words.

Mycroft Strikes Again.
Sequel to Safe House: Mycroft attempts to kidnap John (again).
Humour. Word length: 1,155 words.

A Policeman's Lot.
Summary: Lestrade discovers that Sherlock's stolen his warrant card again.
Humour. Word length: 429 words.

Private Diary of John Watson.
Poor John.
Humour. Word length: 1,551 words.

Summary: In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Ron said, "I think Mum's got a second cousin who's an accountant, but we never talk about him." Who else but Mycroft?

John gets to meet one of Mycroft's cousins.
AU, crossover with Harry Potter, humour. Word length: 752 words.

Safe House.
After Sherlock is injured during a case, Mycroft kidnaps John to keep him safe.
Humour. Word length: 2,928 words.

Sick Days.
Summary: All John had wanted when he came in was a cup of tea and some food. What he'd got was Sherlock, who apparently turned into an argumentative five year old when he had a fever.
Humour. Word length: 2,808 words.

Starting Over.
Summary: "What do you mean 'Father had another son'?" Sherlock demanded, his eyes almost blazing as he glared at Mycroft from across the breakfast table.

"Just what I said, Sherlock." Mycroft put his cup back into its saucer. "Father had an affair approximately a year after Mummy died, and had another son. We have a brother."
**Trigger warning: Past child abuse, violence, alcohol abuse**
**Warning: Contains a flashback scene**
AU, kidfic. Word length: 13,500 words.

Summary: Anderson is attacked and the first person to find him is Sherlock.
**Concerns sexual assault - off-screen only, nothing graphic.**
Angst, h/c. Word length: 2,141 words.

Vice Versa.
Summary: John frowned at the innocuous-looking box. "It's not dangerous, is it?"
"Of course not," Sherlock said, sounding as though he'd never dream of acquiring anything dangerous.
"Oh, good." As Sherlock lifted the lid, some impulse prompted John to add, "Sure of that, are you?"
**Possible trigger warning: Bad attitudes to food**
Humour, body swap. Word length: 2,685 words.

Sherlock picture, with notes from John Watson.
Summary: What John would like all potential kidnappers to understand.

The Sentinel - non AU
Please check individual stories for their ratings.

Alas, Poor Fargo.
Jim's determined to rid the world (or Blair) of that Fargo hat.
Word length: 4,414 words.

Boldly Going.
Jim and Blair go undercover at a Star Trek convention.
Word length: 4,915 words.

Breaking Point.
Epilogue for Point Break: Jim finds out who Blair's contact was.
Word length: 1,638 words.

The Chains That Bind.
Missing scene for Cypher: Jim's fight with Lash.
Word length: 1,431 words.

Corners of His Mind.
Blair has amnesia after witnessing a cop being killed.
Word length: 14,973 words.

A Day at the Races.
Epilogue for Brother's Keeper: Steven invites Jim and Blair to spend a day at the racetrack.
Word length: 1,935 words.

Double Dating.
Blair goes home after an accident at Rainier.
Word length: 1,506 words.

An Early Test.
Blair turns up at the loft to do some tests on Jim.
Word length: 959 words.

A Good Old Day Out.
Blair wins a holiday to watch cheese rolling.
Word length: 1,458 words.

The Guide by Blair Sandburg.
Summary: AU epilogue to "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg". Blair and Naomi need to talk.
Spoilers: For TSbBS, Sentinel Too.
AU, missing scene. Word length: 2,041 words.

Epilogue for Sentinel Too, Part Two. Jim and Blair are back home.
Word length: 1,888 words.

Just Another Normal Day.
Jim and Blair meet another Sentinel.
Word length: 672 words.

Letting Go.
Jim has a hard time after a horrific case on Hallowe'en.
Word length: 1,086 words.

Lord of the Drunks.
Blair's the only sober one in a loft full of drunken men.
Word length: 2,924 words.

Lord of the Drunks 2.
The morning after the night before. Simon discovers Blair has photographs.
Word length: 3,801 words.

A Man of Action.
Epilogue to The Debt. Jim changes his mind about Blair moving out.
Word length: 1,741 words.

The Marker Pen.
Jim's marking the valuables.
Word length: 815 words.

Mosaic 1.
Jim knows that Blair will leave one day.
Word length: 1,227 words.

Mosaic 2.
Blair realises there's something wrong.
Word length: 624 words.

Mosaic 3.
A resolution of sorts.
Word length: 876 words.

Jim gives Blair a gift.
Word length: 754 words.

Not His Night.
Jim's trying to get to sleep. It can't be that difficult, surely?
Word length: 822 words.

Shadows From the Past.
Blair's kidnapped by an old enemy.
Word length: 4,397 words.

Strawberry Fields Forever.
Jim is annoyed about the scent of bodywash.
Word length: 893 words.

Blair, Naomi and Jim thinking about each other.
Word length: 1,346 words.

What's in a Name.
What is Rafe's first name anyway?
Word length: 2,419 words.

The Sentinel - AU stories
Rated Teens and up.

Blair and the Beast.
A modern fairytale. Naomi gets lost on her way home to her three children: Carolyn, Cassie and Blair.
Reluctant!Blair. Humour, AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 3,125 words.

The Duke and the Myopic Guide.
Sentinel Collins' wife is insulted by a short-sighted Guide.
Reluctant!Blair. Humour, AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 1,779 words.

The Guide by Blair Sandburg.
Blair and Naomi need to talk.
AU, epilogue to The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. Word length: 2,041 words.

AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 1,063 words.

Jim's Choice.
Jim dies, then returns from the dead and goes to Peru to find the Guide who rejected him.
Reluctant!Blair. Humour, AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 435 words.

Laying Siege.
Why was Kincaid so interested in Blair?
AU epilogue to the season 1 episode Siege. Word length: 7,039 words.

Lord James and his Guide.
Reluctant!Blair. AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 2,115 words.

The Maze.
In a maze, not everything is as it seems.
AU, bonding fic. Word length: 901 words.

On the Run.
Blair is on the run from Alex Barnes when he meets a drugs lord called Cyrus.
Reluctant!Blair. AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 24,322 words.

One Good Turn.
Blair steps in to help a fellow Guide when she's being sent off to bond with Sentinel Brad Ventriss.
Reluctant!Blair. AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 30,344 words.

Reversal of Fortune.
Blair is sold to Sentinel Alex Barnes.
WARNINGS: Bonding fic, swearing, off screen rape mentioned but not descibed.
Reluctant!Blair. AU, first meeting. Word length: 28,988 words.

The Right Guide.
A prequel to The Wrong Guide. No Blair and very little Jim. Sentinel Prime Edwards meets his Guide, David.
AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 29,233 words.

The Rival.
Reluctant!Blair. AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 21,201 words.

Sentinels About Town.
Reluctant!Blair. AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 1,086 words.

Sleeping Sentinel.
A modern fairy tale. Prince James's Christening does not go well.
Non-bonding fic, humour, AU, first meeting. Word length: 8,199 words.

A Tale of Two Sentinels.
A crossover with Pirates of the Caribbean. Blair goes to Port Royale.
Reluctant!Blair. AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 17,787 words.

Taser Jim.
Jim has a taser and isn't afraid to use it.
Humour, AU, bonding fic. Word length: 1,122 words.

To Bond or Not to Bond.
A crossover with James Bond. Sentinel Bond meets Blair.
Reluctant!Blair. AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 17,787 words.

The Trick.
Reluctant!Blair. AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 946 words.

Village Blair.
Blair goes looking for a Sentinel.
AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 1,157 words.

Woods Blair.
Jim's being tracked in the woods.
AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 706 words.

The Wrong Guide.
Blair goes to a Sentinel gathering in place of his friend, Gerry, who's supposed to bond with the Senior Sentinel Prime.
Reluctant!Blair. AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 20,701 words.

Non-Sentinel bonding stories:
Magnificent 7: The Beginning.
Chris Larabee of the ATF is asked to track down a murderer.
AU, pre-bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 3,099 words.

NCIS: Interdepartmental Co-operation.
Sentinel Gibbs meets Guide DiNozzo in Baltimore.
AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 2,871 words.

Pirates of the Caribbean: James' Escape.
Contains spoilers for the third film. James leaves Davy Jones's ship.
Reluctant!James. AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 2,077 words.

SGA: What a Sentinel Has to Do.
Sentinel John Sheppard agrees to go to Atlantis.
Reluctant!Rodney. AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 1,855 words.

Stargate: Atlantis
John returns to his quarters after the party.
Epilogue to the pilot episode. Word length: 1,204 words.

Soon after the events in Trinity, Radek is captured by the Genii
Angst, h/c. Word length: 1,905 words.

Big Needles and Little Devices.
Rodney is waiting to see if the gene therapy worked.
Missing scene for Hide and Seek. Humour. Word length: 1,089 words.

Cave In.
Dialogue only fic, originally intended for [ profile] sgahcchallenges, but it turned out to be too long.
H/C. Word length: 831 words.

Dealing With Doranda.
John realises things haven't been going well for Rodney.
Epilogue for Trinity. Word length: 3,395 words.

Dropping of Eaves.
Radek overhears McKay and Sheppard.
Humour. Word length: 968 words.

An Interesting Day in Tortuga.
A crossover between SGA and Pirates of the Caribbean. SGA-1 end up in Tortuga.
Humour. Word length: 2,349 words.

Light Switch Duty.
Posted on [ profile] sgahcchallenges. The POV of an original character.
Humour. Word length: 568 words.

Minding McKay.
Dialogue only fic, posted on [ profile] sgahcchallenges.
H/C. Word length: 487 words.

The Misfits.
SGA sort of crossover with SG-Universe. Not for fans of SGU.
Humour. Word length: 2,144 words.

Paper Chase.
Rodney is receiving death threats. John is determined to find out who's behind them.
Humour. Word length: 10,422 words.

Reluctant Hero.
Written for [ profile] sgahcchallenges. Radek goes on a mission.
H/C. Word length: 415 words.

WW2 AU. Sheppard is an Intelligence officer sent into Germany to extract an undercover agent - Rodney McKay.
AU. Action. Word length: 2,860 words.

The Silent One.
John finds out what happened to Gall.
Missing scene for The Defiant One. Word length: 830 words.

Sticks and Stones.
Dialogue only fic, originally written for [ profile] sgahcchallenges. Rodney is sparring with Teyla.
Humour. Word length: 260 words.

What a Sentinel Has to Do.
Sentinel John Sheppard agrees to go to Atlantis.
AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Warning: Reluctant Rodney. Word length: 1,855 words.

Some other fandoms (please see my website for the full lot):

Lord of the Rings
Fire and Rain.
Vool the Orc has an onerous duty to perform.
Humour, OC. Rating PG. Word length: 894 words.

Let the Night Bring What it Will
Missing scene for The Two Towers.
Death fic. PG. Word length: 354 words.

Deja Vu.
Tony goes home and thinks about the past.
Missing scene for the season 4 episode Boxed In. Word length: 1,152 words.

Game Over.
How did Paula survive?
Missing scene for the season 3 episode Mind Games. Word length: 1,796 words.

NCIS: Interdepartmental Co-operation.
Sentinel Gibbs meets Guide DiNozzo in Baltimore.
AU, bonding fic, first meeting. Word length: 2,871 words.

Star Trek
Star Tracking.
A parody. Not based upon Star Trek at all.
Humour, AU, mild het (mostly off-screen, nothing graphic, despite Kirk being involved). Rating PG. Word length: 26,787 words.

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