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Day 86. What’s your favorite recipe? How do you like to make it?

Cheese and onion pie and potato cakes. Such a pain in the arse to make and so delicious!

Cheese and onion pie and potato cakes

Highly addictive. Eat at own peril.

Potato cakes

4oz boiled potatoes
1oz marge
8oz flour
One greased baking tray
Small amount of milk or egg to brush tops with (optional)

Cook for 35-40 minutes, at Gas 5 (375F or 190C).

1. Peel 4 large potatoes, place in a large pan of water and bring to the boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes until cooked.

2. Add marge and mash up potatoes, then place in fridge until they go cold.

3. Add flour and water and mix until it becomes doughy then knead thoroughly for a few minutes.

4. Take pieces of dough, roll into balls and flatten them to approx half inch deep. Place on a greased baking tray and brush with milk (or egg, if preferred - or even leave plain). Cook until golden brown on top. (Note: Will still be doughy in the middle.)

5. Once ready, serve hot with cheese and onion pie.

(Best cut in half and spread with butter).

Cheese and onion pie

One medium large onion
Large block of cheese
8oz flour
2oz marge
A deep greased baking tray

Cook for 20 mins at Gas 6 (400F or 205C).

NOTE: If cooking with potato cakes, turn the oven up to Gas 6 and put the pie on the top shelf and the potato cakes on the lower shelf.

1. Slice and dice onion and cook in milk until soft. Once cooked, drain off the milk.

2. Grate cheese.

3. Make shortcrust pastry by rubbing marge into flour then mixing with water to form a dough.

4. Take 2/3rds and roll it out, then use it to line the greased baking dish.

5. Fill with a thick layer of cheese, then the milky onion, top up with cheese.

6. Roll out last 1/3 of dough to form a lid, place on the top and put 2 slits in the centre.

7. Cook until top is golden brown. The cheese should be thoroughly melted by then.

8. Take out of oven, serve with potato cakes. Stuff face until no more is wanted...or until you run out.
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