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Amazon Video has the Robert Downey Jr Sherlock Holmes 2009 film for £3.99.

It also has the Liam Neeson A Team film for £2.95.

Books for the Kindle, there are stacks of Patricia Wentworth non-Miss Silver books for £1.99 each.
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I bought the book and read it the other day because the history book I was reading was being very dull.

It was good. In fact, it was very good, and now I'm sad I can't watch it. Even a fuzzy YouTube version would do. *looks hopefully at the universe*
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Is this a thing now?

Note: The author claims these were all true events.

I presume including an SS female guard named Leah.

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After watching Labyrinth of Lies the other day, I realised I really knew nothing about the Nuremberg trials apart from the most obvious facts. So I looked around and found The Nuremberg Trials on Amazon UK for 98p.

It's 240 pages and was rather riveting to read, though I had to make notes as to who was who. It focussed more on the people in court, rather than the harrowing evidence presented but the parts they did mention were (obviously) horrific.

It only covers the main trials (military leaders/politicians), not the Doctors or Judges ones.
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I read most of Georgette Heyer's books 30-ish years ago. I've read and re-read them over the years but don't actually give them much thought besides how fun and enjoyable they are.

I just finished re-reading Cotillion, which is one of GH's most fun books. It's all rather silly and light-hearted.

Spoilers ahoy!
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The talking meme is here, and I'm still accepting questions if anyone wants to ask any.

[ profile] lost_spook asked: Do you have a childhood favourite book? (Or 3 or 5 or 10, as needs be!)

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I posted about this in a fandom meme, which reminded me I meant to post about it separately.

Georgette Heyer's Pistols for Two was republished with 3 recently re-discovered new stories: Pursuit, Runaway Match, and Incident on the Bath Road.

I'd never seen the 3 stories before, and I thought I'd read pretty much all of GH's historical fiction. The book (or e-book) is well worth the price, IMO.
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I like books. And, apparently, stealing memes from [ profile] swordznsorcery.

1. Can you remember the first book you read?
I was a child of the 60s (well, just about) so it would have been a Janet and John book. My mum taught me to read when I was about 3 or so. The first thing I remember reading was a Flintstones comic. I was about 4 then.

2. What was the last book (electronic or otherwise) you read?
Out of the Past by Patricia Wentworth. One of the Miss Silver series.

3. Do you read for enjoyment, work or both?

4. What is your favorite genre of book to read?
Detective fiction, especially the 'golden age' books: DL Sayers, Agatha Christie, Margery Allingham, Patricia Wentworth.

5. If you could visit your younger self, what book would you tell yourself to steer clear of?
Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. Ginger's death left me devastated. I'd also tell her to not watch Watership Down.
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If anyone's been waiting and hoping that Ellis Peters' Brother Cadfael books would be released for the Kindle, wait no more. Five of them are finally available. \o/

The titles are: A Rare Benedictine (The Advent of Brother Cadfael); Brother Cadfael's Penance; Dead Man's Ransom; Devil's Novice; and The Hermit of Eyton Forest.

I'm hoping the rest, as well as her contemporary novels, will also be released soon.
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There are some now available for the Kindle. \o/

If you haven't read any of the books, they both write murder mysteries. Charlotte MacLeod's are set in the US - her Kelling/Bittersohn mysteries usually centre around Boston - while Marian Babson's are frequently set in the UK. They're not graphic, and are usually pretty funny too.
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I was taking a look at Project Gutenberg the other day, and thought to do a search on PG Wodehouse. To my surprise, they had almost 40 books to download, formatted for various devices including the Kindle!

You can also download them as HTML or (in most cases, I think) as a straightforward text file to read them on your PC.

The link is here. I'm currently re-reading Jill the Reckless. :oD
arnie1967: (Book and glasses) have some Patricia Wentworth books for the Kindle - and they've just released a whole stack of them for £2.59! The ordinary priced ones for the Kindle come at £5.99 or £6.99 each (no saving compared to paperbacks!), so it's nice to see a whole pile more for cheap!

If you don't have a Kindle, Amazon have a free "Kindle for PC" programme you can download. If you ever get a Kindle too, it'll let you download whatever books you bought for the PC onto your Kindle too. They also have a pile of free books or very cheaply priced books.

As for the Patricia Wentworth books, she usually writes about Miss Silver, an ex-governess turned private detective. The books are set during and after World War 2 and in the 1950's. They're not gruesome (no graphic depictions of dead bodies) but they are engrossing. She includes details about rationing and what it's like to live then. They're (IMO!) really well-written books.

I checked Amazon US too, and they've got the same books at a low price as well. So if you're looking for a new author to read and want to try one for cheap, go take a look!
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Has anyone seen the Book-a-Minute site? It's got a stack of classics, all condensed down to be read in one minute. Some of them are rather funny.

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Or anyone who might want to give one of her books a whirl.

ManyBooks has got her first novel, The Black Moth, available as a free download! Click here to go to her page. I tried to get it as a PDF, but it failed to download, so I got it as an RTF and it's fine.

If you haven't read it before, enjoy!
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Have any of you seen this? I think it's hilarious, and extremely well done. I especially love the line "Caroline Bingley is all astonishment". :oD
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A discussion with [ profile] leesa_perrie got me thinking. Whose books would you recommend, and why?

If anyone's interested in my recommendations, they're under the cut.
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I've been a fan of Elinor M. Brent-Dyer's Chalet School books for over twenty years now. Although most of the books are available through Armada, they're all abridged versions. However, I discovered, a couple of years ago, that Girls Gone By Publishers are republishing all the original texts, along with a pile of other 'hard to find' authors. They bring a few of the Chalet School books out each year, plus some of Elinor's other even-harder-to-find titles.

Anyway, I was Christmas shopping on Amazon and did a spot check to see what Chalet School books they had, and found a couple of fill-in titles by other authors, so I ordered a couple and they all arrived today. I took a glance through the "Chalet Girls Grow Up" by Merryn Williams, who is a published author with, apparently, ten other titles to her name.

Now tell me this: what kind of published author fails to be aware that the full stop (period) goes before the ending speechmarks in direct speech?! It's not a one off - I've glanced through the book and the mistake is repeated time and time again. Did no one proof-read this book?!

And, to make it worse, the author appears to have decided that everyone is doomed to misery. Jack kills himself. Jo, his wife, (one of the most beloved Chalet School characters) is depicted as bossy, domineering, and getting more and more muddled as the years go by. Whereas in the actual series, Jo was extremely understanding (although described as a 'champion-butter-in') who would certainly have picked up on her eldest daughter being ill-treated by her husband! Len, (short for Helena - the eldest daughter), is being abused by her husband. To the extent that she only knows it's okay to greet him at the door as he's not in a bad mood.

That's all I've read so far and, to be honest, I won't be bothering with the rest of it. It does, of course, have a pile of raving reviews on the back, which leads me to suspect that the people who loved it are mentally deficient.

::takes a deep breath:: Well, unlike the reviewers, I won't be considering this the 'definitive' version of what happened after the last real Chalet School book.

Btw, I share the same birthday as Elinor M. Brent-Dyer (6th April) and I'd love to know what she would have thought of that book.

On the plus side, I got four books for my mother, and the Wizardology and Dragonology books that match the Egyptology book a friend of mine is getting me for Christmas. They're for Christmas too, btw. And they are just as gorgeous as the other book.

Happy day!

Nov. 4th, 2005 05:27 pm
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I met up with a friend of mine, Christine, in Preston today. We had lunch, we discussed Christmas decorations and how early they've gone up this year, and we shopped.

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