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I know I have a few SGA and Sherlock fans on my flist, so here are two captioned pics I did for the Hallowe'en meme. The pictures themselves aren't Hallowe'en related though.

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I made this today. Just a bit of silliness (though John might appreciate the sentiment).

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Stolen from [ profile] scherwood.

In honor of All Hallow's Eve, I'm inviting trick-or-treaters to my 'door'. Comment "trick-or-treat" to this post and you will get a surprise in your 'bag'. Treats can be anything that strikes my fancy (pics of fave actors or pairings, one sentence fics, a few words why I'm glad to have you on my flist, etc. etc.). The more "houses" to visit the more fun it'll be, so go ahead, open your journal and help spread the fun!
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One Stargate: Atlantis, one Singing in the Rain and one um...dress. I think. ::squints at picture::

Hope you like them!

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This was posted on [ profile] daily_mcshep yesterday (I think). The picture cried out for the caption, and I really hope the poster doesn't mind.

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I love his hair, honest, but the pic under the cut (from today's [ profile] daily_flan) just cried out for this caption.

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These are the ones I included in the scrapbook Morgan organised for [ profile] betagoddess.

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