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If anyone's interested in having a look, here are some of the cards I've made. The quality of the pictures isn't so great. I was experimenting with the camera function on my Kindle Fire. Taking pictures involved me holding the card over the Kindle Fire, hoping my USB lamp was giving enough light, and hitting the 'take picture' button on the screen. Rather more complicated than I'd planned!

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...I just ordered some more cardmaking supplies, including this item. No prizes for who it reminds me of.

I'm now trying to resist the urge to buy violin brads and other Sherlock-related items. ::wonders if you can get magnifying glass brads:: :oD
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I got the DVD of the new Upstairs, Downstairs last week, so I watched it last night while making cards. By 'eck, it was good! Click on the cut if you'd like to read my meanderings (spoilers ahoy!) or see the cards I made.

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