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The Cats Protection League is asking people to sign a petition to licence airguns. Airguns are being used to maim and kill cats and other animals. They are currently unlicensed.

Please sign the petition.
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I've posted about Bel (my cat who died last year) before.
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Day 4. What is your best memory of last year?

Oh, easy! *points to icon* 16th June 2016. My friend Christine rang and asked if I'd take in a stray cat who needed a home.

Enter Daisy!

She was supposed to be a quiet kitty who just liked sitting on people's knees.

Nope, she's a total diva who likes shouting, creating mayhem, and much prefers it when there's a tissue spread out on my desk for her to sit on. Apparently her posterior is too delicate to sit on plain wood.
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One of my carers took some pictures of Daisy for me tonight. Here they are.

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He seems determined to give me random bits of mail that aren't actually for me. The other day, I got a dental notice for someone I've never heard of at an address that's not mine. The house number and the name of the road were the same, but theirs was (say) Street instead of Road, with a different postcode. Then, on Saturday, I got a stack of redirected mail for a bunch of people I've never heard of at a totally different house number, totally different road name and a different postcode.

If this keeps up, I'll be getting mail for different suburbs then cities.

I also upset Elaine, though that was by accident. She'd agreed to pick up some catfood from the vet for me, so I asked her to get me more Frontline Spot On (flea treatment for the cats) and a flea spray too.

When she turned up today, she had the catfood, along with Bob Martin's spot on treatment and flea powder. I used Bob Martin's stuff years ago, and it was total rubbish, so I refused it. As it turned out, it's a good thing I did. I googled it to see if it's any better now, and it's even worse.

According to numerous reviews, it contains an active ingredient that frequently attacks the nervous system in cats - and several people complained their cats died after using it. The others complained that they ended up with sick cats who needed a lot of treatment at the vets, thus incurring large vet bills.

Sooo not touching that stuff!
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The photo itself isn't mine - that's from ICanHasCheezburger? on Facebook.

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1. Snuggle with Human while Human is still in bed.

2. Once Human gets up, throw self exuberantly into warm spot and roll around.

3. Start morning grooming and look incredibly cute so Human attempts to stoke me.

4. Attack Human's hand.

5. Resume grooming and looking cute in an attempt to lure Human back within range.

6. Get bored waiting for Human (who is now at other end of the bed saying, "Not on your life, buster!")

7. Notice blanket. Stick paws under blanket to check for aliens.

8. Decide blanket is mocking me. Kill blanket.

9. Resume cleaning, and realise tail is mocking me. Chase tail.

10. Follow Human into bathroom to ensure she doesn't escape. Harass her for food (ignoring her arguments that she doesn't keep food in the bathroom).

11. Attempt to steal toothbrush.

12. Wait impatiently for Human to finish her grooming.

13. Smack Bel if she dares to intrude on Bathroom Time.

14. Follow Human to kitchen and resume harassment.

15. Breakfast!

16. Back to bed for morning nap.

Cat video

Jun. 22nd, 2011 12:24 am
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Just watch this. The title is "Cat gets caught barking by a human and resumes meowing".

Love the way the cat slows down, like, "Uh oh...I've been caught," then starts meowing. Yeah, nice try, kitty!
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I asked Elaine to pick up some cooked chicken for me (for the cats) on her way here tonight. She did, and got Morrisons' own brand cooked value chicken. I started giving some to the cats, but it felt half frozen. I'd already checked the front of the pack and it *said* cooked chicken in large letters. I went back and re-read it, and it had cooking instructions (spread out on a baking tray, cook for 8 minutes) and said to ensure the product is piping hot before serving.

Which doesn't sound like cooked chicken to me!

It also said that although the product has been previously frozen, it's suitable for home freezing. o.O

Suffice it to say, it's gone in the bin, and now I'm worried about the cats as they had some of it. They're disappointed they're not getting more of it, but it doesn't sound safe to me.

Has anyone had this stuff before? Got any advice?
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Anyone remember the old Space Invaders arcade game? There's a free version you can play online. It's a good thing it's not up to me to defend us from small green ships. Maybe I'll get better with practice.

In other news, Bast has just knocked my lamp over. I hadn't turned on the main light, so it suddenly turned dark. The main light is now on, the lamp is unplugged (with its bulb back in place), and Bast is sitting in the bathroom thinking mean thoughts about me.

ETA: And it's back to being dark. The bulb in the main light just fell out of its socket, though it fortunately didn't smash on the floor. I suspect either the socket in the light is damaged in some way or Christine didn't get the bulb in properly. ::headdesk::
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Casper decided, in his wisdom, to be sick on my keyboard today. However, I had two spare keyboards (one came with my new PC, one came with my new monitor), so I decided to swap my older keyboard for a new one. Heck, it's different! It's all flat and the keys aren't raised at all. ::eyes keyboard:: It's a little bit weird to type on, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

It also has a volume control on it. If it works (and it should do, seeing as this is the keyboard that came with the PC), it'll be ever so handy.

As for my modem, I'd been having a lot of trouble with my connection dropping a lot of the time. As some of the lights on the front have stopped working, I phoned BT, thinking I probably needed a new modem. They didn't take me through any tests on my modem at all! They just tested the line, then said they needed to send out an engineer. Rather than sit in waiting for an engineer, I went off to eBay and bought an identical modem and swapped it over. Fingers crossed, but it seems to be working just fine.
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I opened my front door late last night to try to get Bel in. She came...and squawked at me while making no attempt to actually come inside. So I stood by the front door, trying to persuade her to come inside while not letting her know that she's a pain in the ass, then this huuuge moth came flying in - its body was the size of the top half of my thumb. Bel tried to grab it as it shot past her, but it zoomed inside and started loudly beating up the lightshade on my hall light.

Bel, meanwhile, stood on the doorstep, and gawked at it with undisguised glee. You could tell by the look on her face that this was the best thing ever!

In the meantime, I stood there, looking from a delighted Bel to a frenzied moth, which seemed to be trying to teach that lightshade a lesson.

Finally, I got my wits together, and turned off the hall light. I hoped the moth would abandon my hall for the porch light, and really really hoped it wouldn't decide to go attack my sitting room light. After a few minutes of indecision, it finally flew outside, and starting throwing itself at the porch light. Bel stayed on the doorstep (just out of reach, the little sod) and gawked some more at the free entertainment.

I shut the door and left them to it, turning off the porch light as I left. Fortunately for me, my sanity and the hall lightshade, the thing had gone by the time I went back. Bel seemed a bit disappointed at having lost a friend, but agreed to come inside and go to bed.

I have to say that moths don't bother me, but there was no way I was having that huge thing flapping around the place. Apart from anything else, the cats would have gone bonkers trying to catch it.
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I opened the door to call her in (again) just over half an hour ago, and Bel came running in and squawked wildly at me, before diving on the food plate. So far, she's eaten, had a drink, sat in the bathroom and cleaned herself, and smacked Bast when he started sniffing her. Typical Bel.

But she's home and I'm so relieved!

Thanks for the comments and good wishes. :oD

ETA: And Bast is following her around and squawking at her. I hope he's telling her off!


May. 10th, 2010 07:39 pm
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Bel dived out of the door last night when I went to bring in the plate I use for the possibly-stray cats around here. She did her usual trick of throwing herself down on the path and rolling around, so I shut the door and left her to it. Normally, she stays out for about an hour, then comes leaping back in, squawking that she was out and it was dark.

Well, that was last night and she isn't back yet. I kept on going to the door and calling her through the night, but no sign of her, and no sign of her today. Elaine took a quick look around the front and back gardens to see if she could spot her, but there was no sign of her.

Please keep your fingers crossed that she turns up safe and sound very quickly.
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When you buy expensive Wexford cheddar and oregano bread rolls, don't leave them anywhere where certain black cats can get at them. Or you'll come back to find him joyfully snuggling up the pitifully thin bag they're in, rubbing his face across said bag and sticking his claws through it and into them.

Guess what I won't be eating?
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A Christmas kitty picture is under the cut. Hope you like it!

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