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...I wish a very merry, very joyful Christmas.

To all those who don't, I wish a very happy Friday.

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A Christmas kitty picture is under the cut. Hope you like it!

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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Monday I caught a purse-snatcher who stole [ profile] beachkid's purse (30 points). In February I ruled Canada as a kind and benevolent dictator (700 points). In March I gave change to a homeless guy (19 points). In April I pulled over and changed [ profile] cuccotales's flat tire (15 points). Last Friday I donated bone marrow to [ profile] lauramerle in a life-saving procedure (300 points).

Overall, I've been nice (1064 points). For Christmas I deserve a pony!


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Wow...I did all that?!
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I've been a fan of Elinor M. Brent-Dyer's Chalet School books for over twenty years now. Although most of the books are available through Armada, they're all abridged versions. However, I discovered, a couple of years ago, that Girls Gone By Publishers are republishing all the original texts, along with a pile of other 'hard to find' authors. They bring a few of the Chalet School books out each year, plus some of Elinor's other even-harder-to-find titles.

Anyway, I was Christmas shopping on Amazon and did a spot check to see what Chalet School books they had, and found a couple of fill-in titles by other authors, so I ordered a couple and they all arrived today. I took a glance through the "Chalet Girls Grow Up" by Merryn Williams, who is a published author with, apparently, ten other titles to her name.

Now tell me this: what kind of published author fails to be aware that the full stop (period) goes before the ending speechmarks in direct speech?! It's not a one off - I've glanced through the book and the mistake is repeated time and time again. Did no one proof-read this book?!

And, to make it worse, the author appears to have decided that everyone is doomed to misery. Jack kills himself. Jo, his wife, (one of the most beloved Chalet School characters) is depicted as bossy, domineering, and getting more and more muddled as the years go by. Whereas in the actual series, Jo was extremely understanding (although described as a 'champion-butter-in') who would certainly have picked up on her eldest daughter being ill-treated by her husband! Len, (short for Helena - the eldest daughter), is being abused by her husband. To the extent that she only knows it's okay to greet him at the door as he's not in a bad mood.

That's all I've read so far and, to be honest, I won't be bothering with the rest of it. It does, of course, have a pile of raving reviews on the back, which leads me to suspect that the people who loved it are mentally deficient.

::takes a deep breath:: Well, unlike the reviewers, I won't be considering this the 'definitive' version of what happened after the last real Chalet School book.

Btw, I share the same birthday as Elinor M. Brent-Dyer (6th April) and I'd love to know what she would have thought of that book.

On the plus side, I got four books for my mother, and the Wizardology and Dragonology books that match the Egyptology book a friend of mine is getting me for Christmas. They're for Christmas too, btw. And they are just as gorgeous as the other book.

Happy day!

Nov. 4th, 2005 05:27 pm
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I met up with a friend of mine, Christine, in Preston today. We had lunch, we discussed Christmas decorations and how early they've gone up this year, and we shopped.

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[ profile] beachkid's daily countdown reminded me of something I was wondering about: what is going on with shops and stores?

Daily countdown? Excellent idea, in spite of the slight hint of panic it's inducing in me at the far too rapidly approaching holiday.

Christmas tree, fully decorated in the foyer of Tesco's? Terrible idea! It's the beginning of November, for crying out loud! ::stops channeling Col. Jack O'Neill:: I bought some Christmas cards from a card shop in the summer and assumed (oh foolish me) that was a mid-summer sale to get rid of old stock. Now I suspect it was a harbinger of things to come.

Tesco's have been selling cards and Christmas decorations for weeks now - and their seasonal aisle is filled with Christmas stuff, alcohol gift sets, tins of chocolate and chocolate decorations (which isn't actually so bad - but that's the chocoholic in me talking), and the like.

So I ask you: what's going on? Did someone decide to move Christmas and no one told me (in which case Beachkid's countdown is out)? Or have the stores decided to start early this year, and make us all hate Christmas by the time the day actually rolls around?

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