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Written for [ profile] kungfunurse for her birthday while IMing with her and Nancy.

As usual, late night silliness ensues.

Title: Interdepartmental Co-operation
Author: Arnie
Genre: AU, bonding fic, gen
Rating: PG
Summary: While working a case, Tony runs into NCIS
Length: 2,872 words (including comments)

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Yep, I wrote another one. I've been thinking about writing this one for ages - ever since I saw the episode, in fact.

It's a missing scene for the season 3 episode "Mind Games", and contains massive spoilers for that episode.

Title: Game Over
Author: Arnie
Genre: Gen, missing scene
Rating: 15 and up
Word count: 1,752

Note: Dialogue in first half of story is from the episode.

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Author: Arnie
Genre: gen, h/c
Characters: Gibbs, Tony
Word length: 1,153
Summary: Epilogue to the episode "Boxed In". Tony thinks about how things have changed.

Warning: For anyone who hasn't seen the end of season 2 onwards or this particular episode, there are spoilers within. You don't have to have seen the ep to read the fic.

My 2nd NCIS fic. Hopefully better than the first. :oD

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