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This is an epilogue I wrote for the Stargate episode "Absolute Power". I think Daniel had a lot to work through after that episode (and who can blame him?).

The Greater Good )
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Here's another Stargate fic I wrote, quite a while ago actually. If anyone's interested, all of my Stargate fic is posted on Katana's excellent Stargate site, Cheyenne Mountain:

Pepper was the name I used in the Stargate fandom.

Anyway, this is a missing scene from "Windows of Opportunity", when Jack is trying to talk to Malachi. Windows )
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I'll try to remember to add more fic tomorrow. At least this one's done!

Coffee Breaks 4 )
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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far...hang on...wrong fandom.

Ages ago, I planned to put all my fanfic on my LJ, and I um...forgot. Anyway, here's one of my Stargate fanfics.

Coffee Breaks part 1 )

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