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I watched this the other day as it was free to Prime members on Amazon Video.

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Day 113. Five guys you find attractive.

Isn't this pretty much Day 45. List five celebrities that you’re attracted to just worded differently? Hmmm, maybe not, but I think my answers would be the same.

So... Let's see... Instead I'll post about five actors whose work I really enjoy.
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Amazon Video has the Robert Downey Jr Sherlock Holmes 2009 film for £3.99.

It also has the Liam Neeson A Team film for £2.95.

Books for the Kindle, there are stacks of Patricia Wentworth non-Miss Silver books for £1.99 each.
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IMDb link.

I finished watching this today. It was absorbing and unsettling...and based on true events.
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In case some of my UK flist are interested:

Despicable Me is available to buy on Amazon Video for £2.99.

Bertie and Elizabeth (about George VI and the Queen Mother) is available for £2.49.

I don't know how long they'll stay at those prices. Last I looked, Bertie and Elizabeth was £10.
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I was poking around Netflix looking for something to watch and found this. Oh my goodness! It's Shrek meets It's a Wonderful Life and it's brilliant.

Shrek is happily married, everyone is his friend, it's the babies' first birthday, and he's bored. Gone are the days when people screamed and ran away from him. No, now they ask him to do the roar! All he wants is to relive one day when he was feared and hated. Is that so wrong?

Enter Rumpelstiltskin, who'll give him everything he wants and more.

Very minor spoilers.
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I mentioned Carry On Behind the other day. Well, I finished watching it.

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I've just started watching it. Imagine my surprise on seeing a young Sam Kelly (more famous for 'Allo, 'Allo) and Donald Hewlett (Lord Meldrum from You Rang, M'Lord)!
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I've been keeping myself amused this week by watching Carry On films. As un-pc and silly as they are, I mostly enjoyed them.

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Yesterday, I posted a poll.

It did not involve cake.

However, the answers and explanation are under the cut.
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Bernard and the Genie is one of those hard to find gems that too few people know about.

It's a Christmas film, and stars Alan Cumming as Bernard Bottle, who's dismayed to find himself underservedly fired by his evil boss (Rowan Atkinson) just before Christmas. To make things worse, his fiancee and best friend are having an affair, and Bernard finds himself sitting alone in his almost empty flat. The only thing he has left is last year's Christmas gift from his now ex-fiancee: A lamp.

Fortunately for him, it contains Lenny Henry, a genie who's been stuck in that lamp for 2,000 years.

If you need cheering up, go watch it. Heck, go watch it anyway. :oD
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David Hewlett's hilarious comedy A Dog's Breakfast is available to rent or buy on Amazon video.

It stars David Hewlett as Patrick, a socially awkward loner, who's outraged when his sister (Kate Hewlett - DH's real life sister) brings home her fiance Ryan (Paul McGillion - Stargate Atlantis's Carson). Patrick decides to get rid of Ryan, by fair means or foul.

Rachel Luttrell (Stargate Atlantis's Teyla) appears as Ryan's co-star in a truly terrible Sci-Fi TV series, and Christopher Judge (Teal'c from SG-1) makes a cameo appearance as a guy from a dating agency. Also starring Mars the dog as Mars...a dog.

I watched it years ago with my friend Christine, and we laughed ourselves silly over it.
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I hadn't heard of The Eichmann Show before I spotted it on Amazon Video (Amazon UK). The IMDb blurb says:

Dramatisation of the team hoping to televise the trial of Adolf Eichmann, an infamous nazi responsible for the deaths of millions of Jews. It focuses on Leo Hurwitz, a documentary film-maker and Milton Fruchtman, a producer.

Leo Hurwitz was played by Anthony LaPaglia while Milton Fruchtman was played by Martin Freeman.
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Some of these were a surprise as I hadn't realised they'd gone.

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