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1. What is your current main mode of transportation? e.g. car, bike, subway, walking etc.

2. Are you satisfied with your current main mode of transportation (answer to question 1)? Why?
No, not really. I'd far rather be able to walk.

3. Do you think you'll change your means of transit soon? e.g. buy a car, get rid of your car, walk more etc.? If so why?
Unfortunately not.

4. If time distance and money were not factors how do you prefer to get from point A to point B?
Carried in a litter by umpteen handsome guys.

5. What was your worst transit experience?
Being in a patient transport ambulance and my wheelchair slid. They strap the wheels down so they're not supposed to move. They had to stop the ambulance and strap my wheels down again.
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1. How did you name your pets?
Sometimes the names just popped into my head. Sometimes I had to think for a bit.

2. Poirot or Miss Marpel?
I like them both. (And it's Marple.)

3. Do you have a FB account too?
Yep, though I don't often use it.

4. Books - hardcover or paperback
Kindle, if I can. It's the easiest way to read for me.

5. Mobile(cell phone): Windows/Android or Apple?
I don't think my phone has either of those. It's a fairly simple one.
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1. Do you like traveling or are you counting the minutes until the transporter is perfected?
I like looking out of the window while I travel but a transporter would be awesome.

2. If you could visit any country in the world right now, where would you go?
Somewhere warm, with a beach.

3. What is your favorite form of travel?
I don't have one.

4. What is the longest vacation/holiday that you’ve ever been on?
8 days in LA in 2005.

5. Would you travel for a living?
Absolutely not.
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Weird. I can't find the latest Friday Five post. Anyway:

1. Did/Do you own a typewriter?
I did. I had a plastic one when I was a kid, then a Brother portable from in my teens. It was pretty good - it could type in *two* colours. Then I had an electronic one, then a Word Processor.

2. If you own one, what was the last thing you typed on it?
I don't have anything but a pc now. The last thing I remember typing on my Word Processor was a Star Trek spoof.

3. Have you ever used *gasp* carbon paper for multiple copies?
Not outside of typing class.

4. Ever use any of these?

 photo Typewriter correctors.jpeg
No, but I have used Tippex. My electronic typewriter had a corrector ribbon.

5. Did you take typing (not to be confused with keyboarding) in school?
Yep. Those typewriters weighed a ton!
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1. What was your favorite past time in high school?

2. What is your all time favorite board game/card game?
Card game: Spider. Board game: Probably Scrabble

3. What is the last movie you saw at the theatre and what did you think of it?
Heck, that was years ago... The Return of the King? I loved it. Strike that. The last film I remember was (OMG) Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. It was pretty awful.

4. What is something (no matter what kind of mood you're in) that makes you happy the moment you do it, see it, or hear it?
My cat Daisy. She's a nutter.

5.Do you believe that crop circles are made by human or alien?
Humans. Maybe the weather sometimes.
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1) What was your first word?
"No!" Apparently my mum was trying to feed me my veggies and I objected. Loudly.

2) How old were you?
Not a clue. At a guess, I'd say the usual age for a first word as no one ever mentioned waiting around for me to talk or worrying that I wouldn't.

3) Who heard you say it?
My mum and her parents and her siblings. Elaine (my aunt) has pointed out the irony of my now being a vegetarian.

4) Did you have trouble pronouncing any words as a kid?
Words with an 'r' in the middle, including my own name (Sarah). As an anxiety-ridden teen, the thought of slipping up and introducing myself as 'Sawah' was mortifying to me.

5) Are there any words you consistently mispronounce today?
If I'm tired, I still struggle with the 'r'.
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1) If you could hang out with an actor or actress (dead or alive) for a day who would it be, and why?
Una Stubbs. She seems like a sweetheart to me. She's been in acting for 50 years so she must have some tales to tell. I could ask her about being Mrs. Hudson too.

2) What would you do with him or her?
I'd take her to lunch at some cosy cafe where we could sit for hours while she talks about whatever she wants to.

3) Do you have a favorite movie of theirs? If so, name it.
TV series! She's Mrs. Hudson in Sherlock.

4) If you could hang out with a rock star (dead or alive) for a day who would it be, and why?
Freddie Mercury. Apparently he was quite shy in real life, plus, well, Freddie!

5) Are you able to play one of their songs on the guitar, bass, or drums?
Nope. I would have been able to on the piano.

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