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BBC link.

Researchers are in a race against time to identify over a million Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust.

I hope they manage to identify them all. :o(
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I've been trying to watch this. I've read a bit about Victoria and especially her childhood, so I wanted to watch and enjoy this.

I'm rather disappointed. Why on earth have they included a subplot about an ex-prostitute lady's maid? So far, it seems to be a mix between a historical drama and total fiction.

It also seems to be shot in half-light a lot of the time. When they were putting in gaslighting, I was hoping that would brighten it up a bit, but they changed their minds.

I'd love to read more about Victoria's mother though. She was horrendous. She and Sir John Conroy (who ran her household) attempted to break Victoria's will so she'd have to depend on them. When that failed, they spread rumours that she was easily overwrought and feeble-witted.
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After watching Labyrinth of Lies the other day, I realised I really knew nothing about the Nuremberg trials apart from the most obvious facts. So I looked around and found The Nuremberg Trials on Amazon UK for 98p.

It's 240 pages and was rather riveting to read, though I had to make notes as to who was who. It focussed more on the people in court, rather than the harrowing evidence presented but the parts they did mention were (obviously) horrific.

It only covers the main trials (military leaders/politicians), not the Doctors or Judges ones.
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In case you don't know it, the I Surrender meme is a creative writing challenge. You are given a premise and have to create a TV series around that idea.

[ profile] lost_spook gave me:

Okay, you have all the might of the BBC at your disposal and a brief to make a big historical drama of a period of your choice! (Up to you whether it's well-researched and faithful or bears no real relation to actual historical facts whatsoever.) Only qualifier is - not something that's been done several times already.

(Sorry. Is that too evil?)

With that, I give you:

A historical drama by Dimity Blue
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I don't blame the artist who made this for calling out these people on their extreme lack of awareness.
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I don't know a huge amount about US history, so I hadn't heard of Harriet Tubman until the arguments broke out about her being on the US $20 bill.

This article (Huffington Post) tells why it's so significant that Harriet Tubman will be on the $20 bill.

She also became part of the underground railway, smuggling slaves to freedom. I can't imagine the kind of strength it took for her to not only escape being a slave, but also to return to states where slavery was still accepted in order to help other slaves escape.

She died in 1913. My grandad was born in 1921. It makes me realise that legal slavery wasn't so very long ago.

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