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No need to credit. Please don't hotlink.

 photo Flowers butterfly 3.jpeg  photo Flowers butterfly 1.jpeg  photo Flowers butterfly 2.jpeg  photo Flowers 9.jpeg

 photo Flowers 7.jpeg  photo Flowers 8.jpeg  photo Flowers 6.jpeg  photo Flowers 2.jpeg

 photo Flowers 3.jpeg  photo Flowers 5.jpeg  photo Flowers 4.jpeg  photo Flowers 1.jpeg

New icon

Mar. 26th, 2017 08:00 pm
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I found this lurking in my documents. I don't know where I saved it from but it makes me laugh!

Thanks to [ profile] leesa_perrie and [ profile] snailbones for helping me upload it. I don't know what I was doing wrong!
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No hotlinking, please. No credit necessary. Enjoy!

 photo Bday balloons 1.jpeg  photo Bday balloons 2.jpeg  photo Bday balloons 3.jpeg

 photo Bday circle 3.jpeg  photo Bday circle 2.jpeg  photo Bday circle 1.jpeg

 photo Bday words 2.jpeg  photo Bday words 1.jpeg  photo Bday words 3.jpeg  photo Bday burst 1.jpeg
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No need to credit. Enjoy.

 photo Winter lamp post 1.jpg  photo Winter snowman 4.jpg  photo Winter group 1.jpg

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No need to credit. No hotlinking, please.

 photo Poppy1.jpg  photo Poppy2.jpg  photo Poppy3.jpg

 photo Poppy4.jpg  photo Poppy5.jpg  photo Poppy6.jpg  photo Poppy7.jpg
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Feel free to use, no credit necessary. No hotlinking, please.

 photo Art girl earring.jpeg  photo Art girl.jpeg  photo Art Monet2.jpeg
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I just thought I'd make some icons for autumn.

Feel free to use. No hotlinking please. Please credit me in your userpics.

 photo Autumn leaf branch.jpeg  photo Autumn tree trunk.jpeg  photo Autumn leaf swirl.jpeg  photo Autumn tree fence.jpeg

 photo Autumn tree sky.jpeg  photo Autumn Tigger.jpeg  photo Autumn leaves.jpeg
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I was watching The Dentist of Detroit ep, and it reminded me I swiped some pics of the early season 3 credits to make into icons. The pics, slightly altered pics, and icons are under the cut.

Feel free to use, no credit necessary (but is nice, if you want to), no hotlinking please.
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I made 5 Inside Out icons. Feel free to use. No hotlinking, please.

 photo Inside Out Angry.jpg  photo Inside Out Disgust.jpg  photo Inside Out Fear.jpg  photo Inside Out Joy.jpg  photo Inside Out Sadness.jpg

Hope you like them!
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I've been meaning to make these icons for a while now...since The Abominable Bride aired, actually.

Well, here they are at last.

No hotlinking, please. If you take any icons to use, please credit me in your user pics.
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New icon

Mar. 27th, 2016 01:17 pm
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What do you think? Does it work or is the pic too small?

Maybe I should use a thinner frame.
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I kinda got carried away making these. ::eyes large amount of icons:: But they're free to a good home: no hotlinking please, just comment and credit. :o)


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No hotlinking! Please say which ones you're taking, and credit in your userpics.

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I finally got around to finishing some more icons and you can find them under the cut.
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The two icons that I made yesterday were from the covers of books that didn't feature the 'cameo' picture. However, I started playing around with Paint last night, and made some more icons - this time from the cameo covers.

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I made two icons using pictures from the fronts of her books. Unfortunately, the majority of the books I have have the 'cameo' picture on the front, so they'll be more awkward to iconise. are two I made, under the cut.
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They look rather misty and dreamy, but I like them.

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Icon meme!

Oct. 18th, 2005 05:57 pm
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Blaired from [ profile] dolimir_k

Take a look at my icons. Comment with the following:

1. One that makes you automatically think of me.

2. One that you think I should TOTALLY use more often.

3. One that you don't get/needs more explanation/you have no idea why the hell I have it.

Comment using an icon of yours that you LOVE, and tell me why you picked THAT one too.
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I made some Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger icons and thought I'd share them. If anyone wants to use them, that's fine. Just let me know and credit me on your userpics page please. Hope you like them!

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