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I recently caught up on Simon's Cat and found 4 videos I hadn't seen. They're all under the cut.

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I must have missed this one as it was posted in Feb and I hadn't seen it before.

The ending made me howl with laughter.

Feed Me.
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Go here to see it! Enjoy!
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I don't know if anyone on my flist has posted this yet, but here it is! \o/

arnie1967: (Cat - surprise)
I don't know if anyone else on my flist has posted this but here it is!

Enjoy. :oD
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I've been battling major fatigue all week. I was sick (actually sick - throwing up) one night last week, then, on top of that, there was the fun stress of dealing with my housing associaton's emergency repair line, plus it's been so danged cold all the time! Colour me unimpressed and wishing for warmer weather.

So, I haven't done much lately. I did, however, make myself a new Friends Only banner featuring Simon's Cat because that cat is so darned cute. There are three variations on the same banner under the cut (b/w, partly coloured, mostly coloured), so feel free to take one if you like it.

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