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This has happened to me twice over the past 2 days, so I thought I'd post a warning in case anyone else gets hit.

I was reading a messageboard and one of the pages was redirected to a Firefox warning page with a pop up urging me to "download this security patch". Fortunately, I didn't as I'm extremely suspicious of that kind of crap.

I went looking and found this from Firefox.

The ads on the affected pages are hacked to redirect you to a fake webpage. If it happens to you don't download the security patch.
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Is this a thing now?

Note: The author claims these were all true events.

I presume including an SS female guard named Leah.

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BBC link.

A police officer and a woman have died and others are injured. They're saying it's a terrorist attack.

It looks like the attackers have been captured.

Strike that. It looks like the attacker has been killed.

Londoners survived the IRA. A car driver and a guy wielding a knife will get nowhere.

No way!

Feb. 15th, 2017 03:46 pm
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Woman appeals against divorce refusal.

A woman who says she is "desperately unhappy" in her 39-year marriage is fighting a legal battle against a court's refusal to grant her divorce.

Why? Because her husband disagreed and said the couple still had a "few years" to enjoy. (He's 78, she's 66.)

Judge Robin Tolson ruled against Mrs Owens in the family court last year, concluding that her allegations were "of the kind to be expected in marriage" and refused to grant a divorce petition.

To be quite frank, fuck that. No one can force you to remain married in the UK.
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As many of you know, I'm disabled. I have a form of muscular dystrophy that affects my limbs. So, there are times I have to buy disability items to make things easier.

What's the difference between the spoons in the first picture and the spoon in the second?
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As some of you may know, I'm a vegetarian. I find it constricting at times as so many non-meat items are non-vegetarian.

So when I saw a vegetarian strawberry mousse on the Wiltshire Farm Foods site, I ordered it to try it out.

Only to discover the actual ingredients listed on the product include beef gelatine. Grrr! Straight into the bin with that!
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I saw this on The Metro, but the original post appears on Mumsnet.
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The health secretary for the Government (link goes to the BBC website), said that:

"an ageing population and a "dementia time bomb" meant helping carers stay in work was an "economic necessity" for the country."

By carers, he meant 'unpaid carers'. If they leave work they'd have to receive benefits as even carers can't live on fresh air and no food. The benefits, btw, are meagre. Yes, their rent/council tax are paid, but the rest of their bills are supposed to be covered by the invalid care allowance they receive. Minus the bedroom tax if they're receiving housing benefit and have an extra bedroom, of course.

When I stopped being a carer the invalid care allowance was the princely sum of £92 a week. It was only that high because I had no other income and was looking after my mother. Any other income/caring for your partner or spouse and that invalid care allowance drops to less than £60 a week...and that's the current rate.

The same article said:

"Meanwhile, a report has warned England is facing a shortfall in the number of people able to give vital unpaid care."

I've been a carer. I looked after my mum for 12 years - 10 of those years were without any kind of day off. It's health-degrading, nerve-straining work, as you're on call 24/7 endlessly. Well, until your health degrades to the state where you're unable to provide care any longer.

So, the Government wants people to do that at the same time as holding down a full time job. Apparently this country is filled with people who don't need downtime or even sleep.
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I know at least one person on my f-list (waves to [ profile] admiralandrea) uses WildTangent games aka e-machines games. Well, here's my warning about them.
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