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Day 113. Five guys you find attractive.

Isn't this pretty much Day 45. List five celebrities that you’re attracted to just worded differently? Hmmm, maybe not, but I think my answers would be the same.

So... Let's see... Instead I'll post about five actors whose work I really enjoy.
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I bought the book and read it the other day because the history book I was reading was being very dull.

It was good. In fact, it was very good, and now I'm sad I can't watch it. Even a fuzzy YouTube version would do. *looks hopefully at the universe*
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I've been trying to watch this. I've read a bit about Victoria and especially her childhood, so I wanted to watch and enjoy this.

I'm rather disappointed. Why on earth have they included a subplot about an ex-prostitute lady's maid? So far, it seems to be a mix between a historical drama and total fiction.

It also seems to be shot in half-light a lot of the time. When they were putting in gaslighting, I was hoping that would brighten it up a bit, but they changed their minds.

I'd love to read more about Victoria's mother though. She was horrendous. She and Sir John Conroy (who ran her household) attempted to break Victoria's will so she'd have to depend on them. When that failed, they spread rumours that she was easily overwrought and feeble-witted.
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Yesterday, on [ profile] spikesgirl58's LJ, I posted about an advert I liked from decades ago. This one:

Which led me down the rabbit hole of 1980's adverts. Another of my favourites was the Kit-Kat pandas:

And then there was the Carling Black Label ad that was based on the Levi Jeans ad:

So what ads did you like?
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Major Crimes. It's a sequel to "The Closer", which I haven't seen, and focuses on the work and lives of the Major Crimes personnel in the LAPD.

Some of the stories are heartbreaking and some you're pretty well rooting for the killer.

There's also a long-running story arc about Rusty, a 15 year old who witnessed a murder and who's staying with the police captain while they wait for the trial to begin.

It's not on Netflix yet, but it's available to buy on Amazon Video.

Favourite characters so far: Lt. Provenza (G. W. Bailey) who complains about everything and Detective Sanchez (Raymond Cruz) who has a very hot temper.
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The BBC website has an article about The Power of the Daleks, one of the lost episodes.

Saturday is the 50th anniversary of The Power of the Daleks, Troughton's debut.

To mark the anniversary, BBC Worldwide is releasing a black-and-white animated reconstruction of the "lost" story, based on surviving photographs and audio recordings.

There's also part of an interview with Anneke Wills.

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