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Hi! My real name's Sarah, I'm in the UK, I suffer from muscular dystrophy, and I live with a cat. My fandom name was Arnie, but I recently changed it to Dimity Blue.

My main interests are Garrison's Gorillas, Person of Interest, Sherlock, The Sentinel, Stargate: Atlantis and fanfic. I adore fanfic. I read it (far too much) and write it (not nearly enough). I'm also addicted to parentheses (as you can tell).

Most of my entries are friends-locked, but new friends are always welcome, so feel free to friend me.

PS. If you want me to friend you back, drop me a line in one of my visible posts and say so, or I'll assume you're just popping by for any fanfic I might post or to keep up with my advent calendar. :oD
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